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Paul Gomac in Scotland
Primary Schools

Magic has fascinated children and adults alike, from long before the sorcerers that amazed the pharaohs, to present day entertainers such as Paul Daniels and David Copperfield.

Down through the ages Magic can be found in a variety of places, from Myths and Legends to Old Paintings, Films etc., and where would most children's fairy tales be, without at touch of Magic.

Sadly, in this age of modern technology, the only opportunity that most children have to see this ancient art form, is on Television, only to dismiss it as 'trick photography' or 'special effects'.

Here is an opportunity for the pupils at your school to experience Magic performed LIVE in their own school, by Ireland's leading children's magician, PAUL GOMAC.

The PAUL GOMAC CHILDREN'S MAGIC SHOW has been arranged especially for primary school children, and designed to encourage the children to interact with the performance as they try to catch Paul out. It contains Audience Participation, Balloon Modelling, Comedy and Magic resulting in a very entertaining show.

The show can be performed in any Assembly Hall, Canteen or Large Classroom, with or without curtains, stage etc.

It is self-contained, lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and requires very little time to set up prior to the performance. As the show is performed in the school itself, this eliminates all the problems and costs of transporting the children to another venues and means all the pupils can attend, not just a few classes.

Throughout the incoming year your school may be planning a few fund-raising activities, or perhaps a special event for the pupils. This is an opportunity for you to do both.

The show can be arranged as a treat for the pupils during school hours, or as a Fund-raising event after school hours. Shows arranged for out of school hours will be suitable for all the family.


The show will be in Scotland in the Autumn of 2003, so if you would like your school to be included in this trip, (or the 2004 trip) or require further information, please contact my office at your earliest convenience.


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